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This machine is developed using state-of-the-art high technology in cooperation with professional engineers. It is a mask making equipment widely recognized for its high production speed, high stability and full configurations. What the operator need do is putting the raw materials on the feeder, after completing all settings, let the machine run automatically. The virtual full-process automatic production is realized, and the production can be completed only by processing the ear strap. The appearance of the product is smooth, sanitary and environmentally friendly. The output is 35-40pcs /min, and the daily output can reach 50000/day. Built-in nose bridge, beautiful and beautiful. It can produce 1-6 layers of non-woven mask. Our products are sleek in appearance, stable in performance, low in failure rate, compact in size, small in footprint. It is aluminum alloy structure, which allows it to be sleek, solid and rustless. The model of KN95 semi-automatic mask machine consist of three parts: 1.KN95 high speed slice machine 1 set 2.KN95 high speed automatic ear band welding machine 1 sets 3.KN95 high speed edge sealing machine 1 sets KN95 Mask Production steps 1. Incoming material embossing and cutting: unwinding material, three layers of non-woven fabric, one layer of velvet cloth, knurled cutting once formed, knurled cutting formed 2. Ultrasonic welding ear wire: manual single-point welding ear wire, one mask with four welding points, it takes about 6 seconds to complete the ear wire welding work of a mask. 3. Nose bridge support: Install the nose bridge support on the sheet mask through the viscous device. Nose bridge support: length: 9mm width: 5mm 4. Folding and folding forming: pressing on the right side after opening Machine Characteristics鈥斺€斺€?A鈥?/strong> Appearance 鈶燭he whole machine is made of aluminum alloy, which is solid and rust free. Advanced 鈶燗utomatic control the balance of tension of raw materials. 鈶omputer program control, high output, good stability, low failure rate. 鈶LC programming control, servo drives, high degree of automation. 鈶his machine has the functions of total count and batch count , and the number of batch counts can be set arbitrarily. 鈶hotoelectric detection of raw materials to avoid mistakes and reduce waste. Arbitrarily 鈶燤achine can produce mask with 1-4 layers of cloth. 鈶hanging the mold can produce masks of different sizes and styles. 鈶he pattern of the welding joint of the mask body can be designed by the customer. 鈶elding strength can be adjusted, without connections part between the mask blank machine and welding. We separate these two sets machine to make sure the stable production and reduce the waste of material. Package and Shipping 1.Express courier like DHL, FEDEX to the USA, and TNT to European, etc. Shipping time is about one month depends on the country and area. 2. By airport to port: about 5-10 days depends on the airport. 3. By sea port to port: about 15-20 days 4. Agent appointed by clientsN95 Face Mask Machine quotation website:http://www.chinatexitle.com/face-mask-machine/n95-face-mask-machine/



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